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Shop for natural remedies, cures, superfoods, teas and aroma products based on traditionally transmitted recipes from the indigenous people of Peru.

Back to the original herbal mixtures and superfoods to increase your well being and to strenghten the body's defenses.

All of our products are organic and guaranteed pesticide-free (laboratory-tested)

We import directly from the supplier without going through distributors and large companies.

We'll be happy to tell you over the phone what our products can do or leave us a message using the contact form.

In meinem Leben steht die körperliche und geistige Gesundheit an erster Stelle. Außerdem ernähre ich mich vegan und praktiziere täglich Meditation. Bei einer veganen Ernährung ist es besonders wichtig, die richtigen Vitamine und Mineralstoffe in Form von Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln zu sich zu nehmen. Auf der psychologischen Ebene funktioniert die Aromatherapie besonders gut. Bei kleineren oder größeren Beschwerden verwende ich Naturheilmittel ohne die bekannten Packungsbeilagen.
Claudia Furrer
Yoga-Lehrerin und Mitgründering der Marke Bionance, Küssnacht am Rigi
Der Shop ist so neu, dass wir noch keine Testimonials zeigen können und „Fake News“ oder „Narratives“ nicht unsere Stärken sind. Mein persönlicher Kontakt mit Enzo aus Cusco hat mich motiviert, zusammen mit meiner Partnerin Claudia diesen Shop zu gründen, um Ihnen Produkte anzubieten, die einen Mehrwert schaffen und die Menschen in Peru unterstützen. Wir garantieren die reinste Qualität und pestizidfreie Produkte. Probiere es aus aus und schreibe uns.
Michael Tobler
Unternehmer, Segellehrer und Gründer der Saphire AG und der Marke Bionance, Küssnacht am Rigi


Naturalness, quality and purity

Mother earth nourishes us. Let us take care of her. Gratitude and humility towards nature are the basis for sustainable business.


We cannot survive alone. Selfish behavior always brings suffering. Therefore, it is not education or social status that is important, but compassionate common sense in thinking, speaking and acting.

Direct supply chains

Producers and buyers benefit equally: producers of fair incomes for diverse cultivation and consumers of 100% natural products without genetic manipulation or pesticides.

Healing through a strong immune system

A healthy body with pure blood stays young and fresh. This creates joy of life and deep inner satisfaction. This does not come from material things, but comes from healthy eating, exercise, meditation, compassion and wisdom.


For more than 20 years TAWA APU KUNTUR has been dedicated to the research, preservation and elaboration of products based on the traditional Andean-Amazon herbalism in close connection with the indigenous people. This knowledge, which is thousands of years old, has traditionally been passed on from the elders to the younger generations.

TAWA conducts training courses and annual, sustainable collection processes for medicinal and aromatic plants in the Sierra de Lima and in the heights of Cusco and has a production facility for herbalism and organic aromatherapy in the Sacred Valley in Cusco-Peru near Pisaq. The products are organic biological and are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. It is also ensured that the producers and farmers are paid fairly.

Enzo Ozhn Trosso Torzano dedicates his life to the spiritual search. Of Italian descent, he was born in Peru and lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Valle Sagrada) in the vicinity of Cusco. His career and training led him to the old masters and shamans, where he was trained in the old original languages of Mexico and Peru. So he came into contact with the old "Q’ero", the descendants of the Incas, with whom he deepened the ancient wisdom and his knowledge. He repeatedly travels to Europe, where he allows Western and Indigenous cultures to merge in seminars and ceremonies.